Hema-Hebubu Operation Supervisor- Shenzhen

3-5 years
12 days ago
Job Description

job description

1. Large chain store with more than 3 years of experience For operations management positions in the retail field, those who have experience in supervising the company headquarters, functional departments and stores in the operating department are preferred, and are familiar with traditional Chinese medicine tonic products 2. A practitioner of customer first, area efficiency-people efficiency- Maintain a high degree of sensitivity in operating figures and indicators such as gross profit-loss-cost control-customer satisfaction, flexible business acumen & keen business sense 3. Standardization and planning of management, and constantly improve the standardization and replenishment-related operation management system, formulate and implement the process management of each link 4. Empty cup mentality, Internet thinking, system expert, unnecessary trial and error, and the courage to innovate.

Job Requirements

1. Have the ability to challenge, withstand pressure and the ability to continuously learn, have experience in large-scale retail operation management, and have been responsible for regional store management 2. More than 3 years of operation management experience, familiar with box replenishment To supplement the traditional Chinese medicine tonic category and seasonal demand, priority will be given to those with purchasing experience, good at communication, proactive and responsible, and able to drive the team 3. Have business management ideas and cost management awareness, and have more professional basic management of operating standards, risk management and control, Inspection and evaluation experience 4. Able to accept new things, have strong learning ability, good project management and coordination and communication skills 5. Ability to accept business trips will be given priority.




gross profit-loss-cost control
cost management awareness
risk management and control
coordination and communication skills
purchasing experience
Internet thinking
Inspection and evaluation experience
system expert
box replenishment
replenishment-related operation management system
traditional Chinese medicine tonic products
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