Hema-Gold Medal Store Manager Recruitment Order-Wuhan

6-8 years
14 days ago
Job Description

job description

Hema Store Manager position (Wuhan) is available: Lead and motivate the entire team, implement company policies and establish reliable and effective daily operations Lead and control the known and unknown losses in the store. Develop company operating standards and various seasonal work requirements according to the company's requirements. Determine, implement, formulate and control the store's manpower, scheduling, overtime, head count, and maximize the optimization of labor costs. , improve personnel productivity, track and implement store-related expenses (administration, materials, energy, water and electricity, communication expenses), formulate, implement and track the sales department's budget, effectively connect the store's various functional departments and related parallel departments to cooperate according to the company's development , collaborate with stores and purchasing departments, improve product structure, lead and control the store operation department according to the company's needs, sell appropriate products, reasonable structure and high-quality products, enhance the company's reputation, be responsible for implementing competitors market changes, and provide timely feedback The information provides the marketing department with clear KPI indicators to ensure that the performance gross profit required by the company is achieved. Turnover indicator. Continuously provide accurate financial data to the company

Job Requirements

Worked as a store manager for large stores in the retail field for more than 6 years, managed a diversified team of more than fifty people, controlled multiple product categories, and Specialized in talent echelon building, assessment system formulation, long-term talent training and implementation of incentive policies and innovation. We advocate open, fair, democratic, scientific and humane management methods, strong execution, and the ability to implement quickly. Customers come first, and dare to Responsible for operating figures and indicators such as square footage efficiency - human efficiency - gross profit - loss - cost control - customer satisfaction. Maintain a highly sensitive and flexible business acumen & keen business sense




incentive policies
business sense
talent echelon building
long-term talent training
assessment system formulation
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