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Hema - Gold Medal Store Manager Recruitment Order - Chongqing

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Job Description

job description

1. Based on a deep understanding of the business and links, as well as insights into user consumption habits and changes in the surrounding competitive market, data analysis diagnosis, find business opportunities, draw a big picture of store operations, split online and offline business goals and implementation 2. Understand product characteristics, be able to match products with business strategies to find sales opportunities, know what to sell and how to sell for different users in different scenarios, and do a good job of scene creation in stores - matching people, goods and places 3. Execute the company's operating standards with a customer first mindset to ensure a good experience for customers in offline stores 4. Be familiar with the warehouse and distribution fulfillment link, and do a good job of ensuring high-quality fulfillment services and cost management in stores online and offline 5. For store problems, be able to communicate with the regional middle office and push back to the middle office to help the store solve the problem 6. Through the refined management of the store, do a good job in controlling the rate, operating cost, loss, etc., and be responsible for the store's operating results 7. Master the basic methods of identifying and employing people, build a healthy talent echelon, and inspire the team to actively and positively achieve results

Job Requirements

(1) Excellent manager Have worked as a store manager in a large retail store for more than 3 years, managed a diversified team of hundreds of people, controlled multiple product categories, and have expertise Good at building a talent echelon, formulating assessment systems, long-term talent training and the implementation and innovation of incentive policies Promote open, fair, democratic, scientific, and humane management methods, strong execution, and fast implementation capabilities (2) Customer First practitioners Have implanted the concept of customer first into their DNA, and have successfully implemented and practiced the action Dare to take responsibility, owner awareness (3) Smart business people Have a high sensitivity to operating figures and indicators such as floor efficiency, labor efficiency, gross profit, loss, cost control, and customer satisfaction Flexible business mind & keen business sense (4) Curious and eager to learn Empty cup mentality (not conservative, not rigid) Internet thinking System expert No need for trial and error, courage to innovate
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