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Hema - Fund Management Expert/Specialist - Headquarters

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Job Description

job description

1. Independently undertake the company's cash flow forecast report and the optimization of the forecast model under the direct method & indirect method 2. Pull together the forecasts of overseas companies and JVs to form a consolidated cash flow report 3. Regularly update cash flow forecasts: including analysis, risk warnings and countermeasures based on cash flow forecast reports and continuously improve their accuracy 4. Lead the input of capital-related items in the company's annual budget and complete the annual (monthly) cash flow forecast based on the annual budget 5. Form the company's annual capital demand and solutions based on the cash flow forecast and obtain approval in accordance with corporate governance regulations 6. Use cash forecasts as a starting point to form a cash management optimization plan, and formulate investment/financing plans accordingly to improve comprehensive capital returns and reduce comprehensive financing costs 7. Based on reliable forecasting models, promote the automation of cash flow forecast reports 8. Use cash flow forecasts as a starting point to further analyze the changes in various working capital efficiency indicators, analyze the impact on cash flow, and put forward improvement suggestions 9. Combine various banking products and specific business scenarios to provide effective solutions to improve working capital efficiency for the business 10. Combine the company's cash flow situation with appropriate cash management products (such as capital pools, etc.) to improve the company's overall capital operation efficiency 11. Support the establishment of the financial BP function of the card and coupon business and support business transformation

Job Requirements

1. Familiar with the overall framework of corporate capital management and have practical experience 2. Have modeling and analysis capabilities related to cash flow forecasting/reporting 3. Familiar with and have participated in the company's annual budget 4. Familiar with bank financial products and have personally led the implementation, with a forward-looking vision in the field of capital 5. Have good communication, negotiation and promotion capabilities 6. Logical thinking, strong analysis and learning ability, good at sorting and summarizing strong digital sensitivity, able to find problems and propose solutions through financial report analysis 7. Have good organization, communication and collaboration skills. Can independently and actively promote the smooth implementation of the projects in charge, be serious and responsible, and pay attention to details 8. Optimistic and tough, honest and trustworthy, strong self-driving, strong resistance to pressure, dare to embrace change, and have clear goals for personal future development 9. Have a capital management position in a company of a certain scale (preferably in the chain retail industry) (financial BP experience is a plus)

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