Hema - Fruit Warehouse Control - All over the country

1-3 years
9 days ago
Job Description

job description

1. Responsible for completing daily inventory ordering work, and completing corresponding indicator control, such as out-of-stock rate and loss rate 2 .In response to various system problems that occur in daily work, it is necessary to propose and promote product technology to improve system functions 3. Pay attention to the replenishment rhythm of new store openings, arrive in time, and ensure the arrival rate of new store openings 4. Assist stores and procurement Matters related to various departments 5. Have the ability to analyze inventory data and need to analyze inventory-related reports and take actions to improve them 6. Jobs that superior leaders are concerned about

Job Requirements

1. Bachelor degree or above2 .More than 1-3 years of retail experience, preferably fresh food shelf life management experience 3. Good analytical skills and systematic thinking 4. Effective communication skills and self-motivation 5. Proficient in operating OFFICE office software and computer operations

Job Source: hire.freshippo.com

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