Hema-Financial Reporting Center-Analysis Division

5-7 years
11 days ago
Job Description

job description

1. Combining operating data and finance Integration and analysis of data, complete, accurate and timely output of various management industry financial statements and analysis reports to provide support for management decision-making. 2. Understand the retail business, sort out and optimize the financial data analysis content and processes of each business format and each middle and Taiwan industry, establish and improve data models and report templates, and continue to productize data dashboards. 3. Assist in establishing business and financial analysis models, discover and solve company operating challenges through data, and improve business and financial operational capabilities.

Job Requirements

1. Have 5 years or more experience in data analysis, understand retail and O2O business modules, and have a background in large-scale enterprise data analysis, data warehouse construction or data governance is preferred. 2. Have data processing and analysis capabilities and visual concrete expression capabilities, be proficient in using excel, PPT, and master SQL and other related data extraction tools. 3. Data-driven, business-oriented, with good communication skills and teamwork spirit, and experience in independently conducting analysis and research projects. 4. Strong sense of responsibility, strong sense of confidentiality and good professional ethics.

Job Source: hire.freshippo.com

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