Hema-Finance COE (Products and Standards )-Supervisor post

7-9 years
9 days ago
Job Description

job description

1. Responsible end Streamline the industry-financial integration process from end to end, promote the coordinated operations of relevant business departments, produce integrated industry-finance solutions, improve the level of industry-financial integration, and continue to promote the standardization, automation, and intelligence of industry-finance, and continue to support timely business operations. Accurate business decisions, business and financial compliance, risk prevention, and process efficiency improvement. 2. As a project manager, organize the entire process of project establishment, design, acceptance, and operation monitoring to protect project risks and ensure the achievement of project goals. 3. Lead the financial COE team to continuously optimize business processes and systems and standardize the operation management model. 4. Participate in business model design, provide financial assessment and support services, organize relevant majors within the department, and discuss overall solutions for the needs proposed by the business department

Job Requirements

1.7 years or more of relevant work experience 2. Solid financial major, with solid financial-related practical experience in accounting, settlement, taxation, financial analysis and other modules, CPA, PMP and other professional certificate holders are preferred 3. Have experience in system launch, finance from IBM, Accenture, Oracle and other consulting companies Priority will be given to those who have a combination of module consultant experience and enterprise system launch experience those who have experience in financial projects in relevant companies, Party A, will be preferred 4. Have strong communication, organization, coordination and management capabilities, and have excellent driving force, able to complete Communicate and coordinate cross-department and cross-module work and promote the implementation of plans 5. Have good systematic thinking and logical abstraction capabilities, understand the complexity of things and consider problems from an overall perspective 6. Familiar with various computer office software PPT, WORD, VISIO, XMIND, proficient in using data processing software such as EXCEL, and strong expression skills 7. Be honest, proactive, conscientious and careful. Be able to accept new things and have strong learning ability have strong execution, principle and driving force 8. Have the spirit of breakthrough and the ability to think independently.



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