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Hema - Employee Relations Supervisor/Expert - Employee Relations

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Job Description

job description

Responsibilities: 1. Participate in the risk and prevention of labor management, including but not limited to organizational structure adjustment, building a tripartite employment compliance system, holiday management system, etc. 2. Support HRBP in handling employee relations, enhance compliance awareness, and reduce potential labor risks. Provide daily consultation to HR and employees, give risk assessment opinions and implementation plan suggestions. 3. Handle major employee relations issues, including but not limited to complaints, disputes, lawsuits, etc. Connect with human resources and labor supervision departments, and actively cooperate with related work. 4. Formulate the company's employee relations system policies and optimization plans, and output work processes and operation manuals. 5. Review various relevant documents including employee handbooks, labor contract templates, etc. to ensure compliance with labor law requirements and local regulations.

Job Requirements

Requirements: 1. Full-time undergraduate degree or above, majors such as law/human resources/psychology are preferred. 2. More than 5 years of employee relations experience, familiar with national and local labor laws and regulations, and have rich experience in case practice and labor dispute mediation. 3. Have strong communication skills and stress resistance, service awareness, responsibility and sense of justice. 4. Familiar with the entire process of employee relations management, and experience in retail, manufacturing, and logistics is preferred.
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