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Hema - Distribution Operation Expert (Senior Specialist) - Shanghai

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Job Description

job description

1. Responsible for the distribution operation management of O2O fresh food stores nationwide 2. Responsible for the results achieved by operation data, mainly fulfillment and service quality 3. Coordinate the available distribution resources to improve the actual operation capabilities of regions and stores 4. Control the overall operation rhythm and support the operation guarantee work of seasonal and various promotional activities 5. Promote and review the update and implementation of distribution operation systems, processes and specifications 6. Continuously improve the standardization and standardization level of Hema distribution operations.

Job Requirements

1. Direct team management experience, unique insights and experience in front-line operations priority is given to national transfers. 2. Ability to communicate and promote horizontally, and the ability to discover and solve practical problems in the region 3. Good logical thinking and expression skills, integrity, strong execution, optimism and toughness 4. Proficient in using required office software and data analysis tools, and able to understand business problems through data.
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