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Hema-Data Architect-Hangzhou

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Job Description

job description

1. Responsible for the quality governance of various decision-making data systems of Hema, and improve the delivery quality of Hema's overall data through standardization, regularization, innovative application of large models, etc. 2. Through in-depth analysis of data architecture, unite data, algorithm, engineering and other teams from the perspective of cost, and explore the space for data cost reduction 3. Participate in the construction of real-time computing flows related to Hema's production operation links, and ensure stability 4. Introducing large model capabilities, exploring cutting-edge practices from multiple angles such as anomaly detection, predictive maintenance, data sampling, and data purification

Job Requirements

1. More than 3 years of experience in the data warehouse field, familiar with data warehouse model design and ETL development, and experience in massive data processing. Preference will be given to those with data construction experience in e-commerce or channel fields 2. Familiar with data warehouse field knowledge and skills and real-time stream computing base, including but not limited to: data mart design, stream data computing, data management, data quality, and data services 3. Sensitive to data, with excellent business understanding, data analysis and problem-solving capabilities, and a strong passion for applying the results of big data and analytical algorithms to actual business scenarios to generate commercial value 4. Possess good self-driving and stress resistance, good communication skills and teamwork spirit, and certain organizational and coordination skills 5. Familiar with Hadoop ecosystem-related technologies and related development, with certain JAVA and Python language development capabilities, and with machine learning algorithms, unstructured processing, knowledge graphs and other capabilities are preferred.
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