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Job Description

job description

1. Participate in the construction of contract fulfillment products in the new retail industry process, combined with business needs and the future development of contract fulfillment products, carry out contract fulfillment product planning and implementation to ensure that product construction results meet expectations 2. Be responsible for user fulfillment efficiency and experience, connect with APP, customer satisfaction, logistics and other teams, and design based on different scenarios solutions to promote the improvement of operational indicators such as 30-minute delivery rate, timely fulfillment rate, logistics operation efficiency, etc., and enhance user fulfillment experience 3. Carry out efficient collaboration with various business parties, steadily build product capabilities according to different stages of the business, and proactively drive Business innovation 4. Responsible for continuously improving the optimization and improvement of operating efficiency in all aspects of end-to-end through data and product functions.

Job Requirements

1. Have rich experience in contract fulfillment, transactions, and shopping carts. Those who have been responsible for express delivery, real-time logistics and other industry products are preferred, and experience in C-end user products is preferred 2. Good at data analysis and demand research, and can continuously promote product optimization through data and demand abstraction 3. Strong self-driving force, cross-domain collaboration ability and driving force 4. Willing to join the new retail industry, love products, be persistent and responsible.




cross-domain collaboration
contract fulfillment
demand research
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