Hema-Commodity Management (Category Planning Direction )-Headquarters

7-9 years
9 days ago
Job Description

job description

1. Category planning management , docking with prescriber managers of each category, refining business rules for industry, user, and peer-to-peer analysis and insights, keenly discovering product structure problems through business data, and continuously optimizing business rules through collaboration with prescribers, targeting product insights, Introduce and replace abstract methodologies, and implement them into product requirements and closed-loop product life cycle management links. 2. Have accumulated knowledge about product categories, have a deep understanding of product capabilities, be familiar with e-commerce business models, have strong data processing capabilities, and be able to utilize various types of information in the system, including but not limited to GMV, selling points, and categories. Attributes, etc., to achieve insights and analysis based on various business scenarios. 3. Have the ability to analyze complex data, collaborate across teams, refine business rules, and have the structural ability to collaborate with product departments to design and develop related products, and promote continuous optimization of business applications and products.

Job Requirements

1. More than 7 years of experience in category management/category planning. Applicants with experience in commodity management on large-scale retail e-commerce platforms are preferred 2. Strong data analysis, business understanding and structured thinking 3 . Have good communication, organizational and coordination skills, strong learning ability and implementation ability 4. Clear thinking, courage to take responsibility, and willing to face challenges.



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