Hema-Category Operations Specialist-Changsha

3-5 years
9 days ago
Job Description

job description

1. Responsible for the operation of several categories such as Hema Fresh, 3R, etc., and promote the rapid growth of the category 2. For category traffic, Monitor and analyze various operational indicators such as orders, GMV, conversions, memberships, repurchases, sales, and customer orders, and timely adjust category operation plans and strategies 3. Responsible for classified monthly and seasonal activity planning and implementation of promotion mechanisms. Continuously optimize transaction performance in each shopping path 4. Responsible for product selection and maintenance of corresponding department channels, making full use of all resources to achieve sales targets 5. Carry out localized operation strategies, close to users in southern Jiangsu to promote local favorite brands and products 6. and procurement Cooperate with the cooperation department to complete other matters

Job Requirements

1. Bachelor degree or above, more than 3 years of e-commerce operation experience, proficient in B2C self-operated e-commerce model 2. Well-known self-operated e-commerce category Priority will be given to operational experience, channel operation, event operation experience, and POP platform industry operation experience. 3. Good at traffic management, with certain ability to create popular products and event planning capabilities. 4. High data sensitivity, able to improve categories and channels through various methods. and the output of the projects they are responsible for 5. Good communication skills and cross-departmental teamwork spirit, good learning ability, strong sense of responsibility, willing to accept challenges, and result-oriented 6. Understand local customs, user consumption habits

Job Source: hire.freshippo.com

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