Hema-Category Operations Expert-(生Fresh/standard products)-Shanghai

5-8 years
9 days ago
Job Description

job description

box Ma, a new force in the new retail format, relies on technology to reconstruct the catering and retail industry chain. Since its inception, Hema's mission has been to allow consumers to enjoy a high-quality life of purchasing fresh food. Hema, taking the most frequent category of eating and eating accessories as an entry point, explores a new e-commerce path that is based on the local area, deeply cultivates the supply chain and logistics distribution, integrates online and offline, and focuses on the minds of members, allowing every Hema to Ma members eat well, eat conveniently, and eat happily Hema has created a popular independent APP, a catering R&D center led by famous chefs in the industry, an international standard central kitchen, a handmade procurement team, and self-built + Crowdsourcing logistics distribution system and offline experience stores, thus forming the two core competitiveness of ultimate delivery 29 and a half minutes and products fresh every moment. Now Hema has formed an excellent reputation among consumers And the Internet celebrity effect, a sudden rise! If you have a dream, welcome to join Hema! Hema official website: www.freshhema.com 1. Responsible for the construction of fresh food/standard product categories, optimization of front-end shopping guide paths, product management, and improvement of shopping guide efficiency and consumer experience 2. Responsible for the operation and maintenance of related categories, App User conversion and sales improvement work (planning activities, selecting goods, store activities, new acquisition activities) 3. Be good at data analysis, and use data to guide operational work, and drive and coordinate the execution of various departments.

Job Requirements

1. More than 5-8 years of experience in e-commerce operations in related industries, experience in self-operated model operations is preferred 2. Have strong data analysis capabilities and writing skills, and be able to skillfully use various offices Software, master a wealth of industry knowledge, understand the current status of the industry, and understand the integration of offline and online 3. Have excellent planning, organizational coordination and strong communication and expression skills 4. Have a strong sense of work responsibility, learning ability, and teamwork A sense of collaboration and innovation. 5. Have a hard-working and tenacious entrepreneurial spirit and efficient execution. 6. Have systematic knowledge and understanding of FMCG and fresh food category operations, love products, and understand the behavior habits of online shopping users. 7. Have a strong interest in O2O business, have rich experience in Internet operations, and be able to withstand a certain amount of work pressure.




industry knowledge
organizational coordination
fresh food category operations
Internet operations
Job Source: hire.freshippo.com

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