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Job Description

job description

1. Based on business goals and business models, build a comprehensive, accurate and objective indicator system and monitoring framework. At the same time, based on the tracking and analysis system of business data, clearly understand the overall business and locate business problems. 2. Through analytical reports or special research, conduct in-depth analysis of business problems, provide data and analysis support for business decision-making topics such as overall strategy, industry/market trends, product direction, resource allocation, etc., output business management suggestions, assist in achieving business goals and improve efficiency. 3. Gradually summarize and consolidate the monitoring system and analysis methods, abstract and refine the requirements for data products, carry out cross-departmental cooperation with technology, product and other related teams, and promote the implementation of data products.

Job Requirements

1. Clear analysis logic and good business insight, able to quickly discover problems, disassemble problems and locate key points that affect the business 2. Strong data processing ability, can use a variety of methods to extract data and analyze, proficient in hive, SQL, excel and other related data extraction tools 3. Good communication and teamwork skills, able to effectively communicate with the business side and data technology team, have the ability to promote projects across teams, and be able to provide advice to the business from an analyst's perspective 4. Possess data operation and product operation capabilities, can design experiments for business problems, and develop effective solutions and measurement methods 5. Good data sensitivity, can extract core results from massive data, have rich experience in data analysis, mining, cleaning and modeling, and can independently write business data analysis reports 6. Have experience in algorithms and machine learning, understand the principles of commonly used machine learning algorithms, and are familiar with data statistics and mining related solutions.
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