Hema-Beauty Care Product Purchasing Expert- Headquarters

7-9 years
10 days ago
Job Description

job description

Job Overview: We are looking for a A senior beauty care category procurement expert, he is committed to significantly increasing category GMV and gross profit through in-depth insights into the market and category structure, actively cooperating with KA resources and brands to develop channel-specific products, and carefully cultivating PB products. At the same time, we ensure high-standard commodity fulfillment rates and actively promote cost reduction measures to support the company's continued profitability and business expansion. Main job responsibilities: 1. Category structure insight and strategy formulation Gain deep insights into beauty care market trends and consumer needs, analyze competing product information, formulate category structure optimization suggestions, and assist in formulating corresponding procurement strategies and product layouts. Combined with factors such as seasons, festivals, and popular elements, predictably adjust the category structure to adapt to the rapidly changing market environment. 2. KA resource linkage and channel special product development Responsible for establishing and maintaining close cooperative relationships with category leading brands, and jointly developing special products that meet the characteristics of specific channels through accurate and effective communication and coordination. The leadership team explores potential explosive products, promotes product launches and optimizes marketing activities through in-depth cooperation with KA channels, and ultimately achieves significant growth in category GMV and gross profit. 3. PB product (private brand) development and management Lead the product planning, design, product selection, trial production and launch process of private brand products to ensure the uniqueness and market competitiveness of PB products. Manage the entire life cycle of PB products, track sales performance, and continuously optimize product series based on consumer feedback to further enhance the influence and sales of private brands. 4. Management and improvement of commodity fulfillment rate Accurately predict and schedule commodity inventory to ensure sufficient supply of commodities, effectively improve commodity fulfillment rate, meet customer needs and reduce the risk of out-of-stocks. Coordinate the upstream and downstream of the supply chain, strengthen order execution efficiency, and monitor the logistics and warehousing process to ensure that goods are delivered to designated sales channels on time, accurately, and intact. 5. Cost control and cost reduction and efficiency improvement Develop and implement a comprehensive cost control plan. Reduce costs through rigorous supplier screening, efficient procurement negotiations, reasonable inventory turnover, logistics optimization, etc. Track and analyze various cost indicators, identify and eliminate ineffective expenditures, and seek new ways to reduce costs to ensure that the company improves overall economic benefits while maintaining product quality.

Job Requirements

1. Bachelor degree or above, more than 7 years of experience in beauty care product procurement or related fields, and rich background in supply chain management and product development. 2. Have excellent business negotiation skills and KA resource management capabilities, and those with successful cases will be given priority. 3. Familiar with market research and data analysis methods, and able to independently manage category structure and product life cycle. 4. Have excellent project management skills, be able to work efficiently in a multi-task environment, and maintain a good spirit of cross-department collaboration. 5. Have deep passion and unique insights into the beauty and personal care industry, and have keen insights into market trends and consumer behavior.

Job Source: hire.freshippo.com

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