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Hema - Assistant Warehouse Manager - Shanghai

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Job Description

job description

1. Responsible for the management of regional normal temperature, cold chain, and refined operation departments, and assist various departments in promoting business 2. Responsible for the control of the overall warehousing service, operation, inventory, and cost. Propose improvement requirements for exposed problems and supervise rectification 3. Plan the development of the warehousing system and promote the implementation of the planning scheme 4. Formulate the operation process of the warehousing system and implement the closed loop through the operation department and the refinement department 5. Be responsible for the output of department assessment indicators and monitor the overall completion 6. Be responsible for the annual plan and execution of the department 7. Be responsible for the smooth communication between the warehousing system and other departments to ensure the efficiency of cross-departmental business

Job Requirements

1. Bachelor degree or above, logistics or management related majors are preferred more than 5 years of logistics work experience, more than 3 years of team building and management experience 2. Have B2B model warehousing management experience, familiar with the sorting center under the e-commerce model, and have multi-temperature management experience are preferred 3. Have strong team management ability and communication and coordination ability, as well as strong execution and promotion ability 4. Strong sense of responsibility, focus on details, and have the courage to continuously improve and seek better solutions 5. Familiar with the use of various computer office software.
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