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Hema-AIGC Image Algorithm-Hangzhou

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Job Description

job description

1. Responsible for the intelligent advertising creativity of the company's products, explore the application of DiffusionModel, GPT, CV/NLP in the marketing scenarios/short video fields to realize the content understanding of advertising copy, video, pictures and other materials and generate high-quality competitive materials for delivery 2. Track the latest technologies in the industry's creativity, multimodality and Generative AI, and implement them to improve the effects of scenarios such as advertising creative understanding, automatic generation and optimization. 3. Explore and implement AIGC marketing material production workflows in the fresh food vertical industry, from pre-training to fine-tuning to reinforcement learning, and jointly build a more efficient and intelligent marketing design and production paradigm.

Job Requirements

1. Have a solid foundation in machine learning, be able to comprehensively use various algorithms to achieve specific functions, and have development experience in at least one field such as Diffusion Model, GAN, VAE, Lora, image and video generation/editing, and multimodal content understanding have a solid foundation in mathematics and physics, and have strong self-study ability 2. Strong engineering ability, proficient in Python/C++ language, and have successful project experience familiar with common machine learning and deep learning algorithms, and proficient in using at least one deep learning framework, such as Pytorch, TensorFlow, MXNet, etc. 3. Have a certain depth of understanding and experience in Transformer and pre-trained models, be able to reproduce relevant algorithms based on papers, and have experience in large-scale pre-trained model development and training ACL, EMNLP, COLING, NAACL authors of high-quality related papers are preferred.
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