Hema-3R Baking Procurement-Shanghai

5-7 years
14 days ago
Job Description

job description

1. Through daily observation, data analysis, Market research and other methods are used to understand local user needs, market conditions and other information, transform business opportunities for daily accessories categories (including but not limited to regional procurement needs, local product mix, local product strategy and rhythm, price strategy, etc.), and improve Hema products Product strength in the local area 2. By dismantling and transforming the business plan, form a business and sales plan that can be truly implemented (including but not limited to the final product selection list, online and offline main products, inventory estimation, order execution), Collaborate with relevant parties to ensure that the business plan can be effectively implemented in the city, and serve as the city-side interface to monitor the implementation status and improve it 3. Ensure the arrival, sales and promotion of local products by following up on product out-of-stock, inventory, order inquiries and other actions. Quality, etc. meet the needs of the city

Job Requirements

1. Bachelor degree or above, with 5 or more years of experience in bakery category procurement and sales or platform operation 2. Familiar with offline supermarkets or online e-commerce sales chains Priority will be given to those with experience both online and offline, and those with multi-temperature experience will be given priority 3. Have the ability to dismantle the path to achieve the overall goal through combined play 4. Have strong analytical judgment, forward thinking, Ability to withstand pressure and sense of teamwork 5. Smart, optimistic, solid, and introspective.




price strategy
inventory estimation
offline supermarkets
platform operation
online e-commerce
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