Food & Fresh Industry-Search Traffic Operation-Hangzhou

2-4 years
9 days ago
Job Description

1. Responsible for the vertical capacity building of search channels in the fresh food industry, and work with the search production and operation team to drive the food industry Consumer minds in the fresh food industry to achieve user growth 2. Responsible for formulating traffic strategies in search based on the fresh food industry, combining industry supply characteristics, driving merchant participation through mechanism design, and driving user growth 3. Based on search traffic, Combined with the seasonal characteristics and supply characteristics of fresh food, work with industry operations to formulate growth plans, promote various collaborative teams, and achieve growth goals 4. Target user growth, integrate various internal and external resources, and continuously explore new ways of user growth. 5. Data-driven and result-oriented, design fast and efficient growth experiments, coordinate related operations, R&D and execution, and continuously optimize the user conversion funnel through rapid iteration 1. More than 2 years of experience in Internet products and operations, in user growth, resources Have relevant experience in integration and other aspects 2. Have good data sensitivity and business vision, understand the search mechanism, and have excellent insight 3. Have strong curiosity and desire to explore, keen product intuition, and advanced understanding of Internet user growth work Prioritize practice 4. Have excellent logical thinking skills and creativity, and be able to learn quickly and continuously innovate 5. Excellent sense of teamwork and comprehensive communication skills, able to organize and coordinate cross-functional and cross-department resources well to solve problems and achieve results Target



user growth
logical thinking skills
search mechanism
achieve results
cross-department resources
product intuition
resources integration
Internet user growth work
solve problems
data sensitivity
business vision
comprehensive communication skills
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