Financial Cloud Insurance Industry Structure Teacher (Shanghai/Shenzhen)

2-5 years
2 months ago
Job Description

Roles & Responsibilities

1. As a pre-sales architect for the financial cloud and insurance industry, I am responsible for pre-sales development support for cloud projects for insurance industry customers, and continue to delve into the insurance industry and output insurance-oriented industry solutions
2. Daily work includes solution promotion , solution architecture planning and design, in-sales support for key customers, and customer satisfaction maintenance, etc.


1. Bachelor degree or above, more than 5 years of IT architect or pre-sales/consulting experience in related industries, more than 2 years of experience as a cloud computing pre-sales architect not necessarily required Insurance industry background
2. Meet at least one or more of the following conditions (at least one of the following is sufficient)
3. Be proficient in cloud computing IAAS-related architecture and technical implementation, and have a solid foundation in related fields Technical skills, including IaaS-related virtualization technology, network, distributed storage, load balancing, etc. understanding the IT infrastructure of large financial customers (such as active-active and disaster recovery solution design, etc.) is a bonus
4 .PaaS related services, such as microservice architecture, containers, relational database technology, etc.
5. Be proficient in the core application system architecture of the insurance business, have basic cloud computing knowledge, and be able to combine insurance business development with cloud computing. Carry out insurance technology innovation and have the ability to communicate in business. Those who have passed the Tencent Cloud Practitioner Qualification Certificate or equivalent qualifications will be given priority.




Tencent Cloud Practitioner Qualification Certificate
relational database technology
insurance business

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