Enterprise Delivery Project Manager

3-5 years
5 days ago
Job Description

Roles & Responsibilities

1. Responsible based on the enterprise point of view Project delivery of self-developed products (marketing, analysis), and project delivery that combines self-developed products with third-party products. Responsible for managing and controlling the progress, risks, demand plans, partners, delivery results, costs, and customer satisfaction of the entire project during the project process. Management and control of the entire process including acceptance, business opportunity mining, etc.
2. Responsible for project resource allocation assessment, including self-research and delivery resources, self-research and production research resources, delivery partner resource allocation assessment, and responsible for project cost assessment
4. Responsible for promoting the integration of products and human resources between different internal departments to ensure the smooth delivery and acceptance of the projects in charge
5. Responsible for accumulating knowledge assets in the project process and accumulating project delivery methods for the department With processes and best practices, improve the overall successful project delivery, improve stickiness with customers, and promote healthy product development
6. Responsible for exploring new business opportunities during the project process and assisting in the realization of business opportunities. And establish long-term cooperative and complementary relationships with customers to enhance Tencent's brand effect in the B-end market.


1. Bachelor degree or above, more than 3 years of project delivery experience or PMO management and operation experience. Priority will be given to those who have experience working in a consulting company or a CRM product company
2. Understand the business process and business logic with CRM marketing as the core, and have rich experience in the successful delivery of CRM projects
3. Be familiar with CRM Have a deep understanding of the ecosystem, a clear understanding of the product strategy differences of each CRM company, and the ability to independently manage and control partners
4. Be able to integrate internal resources and independently deliver projects to KA customers, and be able to Independently control the entire process from project team formation, delivery, acceptance, etc.
5. Can well control customer needs and expectations during the project process, and have a deep understanding of the relationship between time, cost, and resources in project delivery, Can ensure the smooth delivery of the project while minimizing costs
6. Have strong business thinking, be able to discover new business opportunities during the project process, and collaborate with the sales team to obtain more sales opportunities and create added value Have high pressure resistance and strong execution ability, cross-team communication skills, be able to focus on complex problems, have a sense of ownership, actively assume responsibilities, and require cooperative solutions in difficulties.





cross-team communication
project team formation

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