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Douyin E-commerce Operation Post (J44323)

BOE Technology


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Job Description

Job Responsibilities
1. Responsible for the operation of Douyin store, including product listing, product optimization, sales management, product card traffic operation, marketing activity operation, and responsible for the store GMV
2. Responsible for the maintenance of store points and word-of-mouth points, monitor and optimize various scores, and be responsible for the scores
3. Responsible for store after-sales service, supervise rush logistics, and collaborate with short video operations
4. According to the store style positioning, conduct searches for benchmarking influencers, cooperation docking and after-sales work, and continuously improve ROI
5. Reasonably plan promotion expenses, control promotion content, improve promotion efficiency and continuously improve the overall GMV of Douyin store
6. For major activities, festivals and brand hot spots on the Douyin platform, follow up on platform activity registration and sales mechanism planning, and do a good job of docking and implementation with the executive personnel of each link of the team, follow up and review and organize data after the event
7. Summarize data every day.
Work experience:
1. Bachelor degree or above, more than 2 years of Douyin store operation experience, familiar with various Douyin store gameplay
2. Familiar with Douyin's operating environment and transaction rules, able to analyze users shopping habits and shopping psychology
3. Familiar with Douyin store operation strategies, and have a deep understanding of product cards, investment flow, etc.
4. Have good data analysis thinking, and be able to use data to analyze problems and improve them
5. Understand the education industry, and have experience in education and maternal and child tracks.

BOE Technology Group Co., Ltd., or Jingdongfang (Chinese: &#20140&#x3B;&#19996&#x3B;&#26041&#x3B;&#31185&#x3B;&#25216&#x3B;&#38598&#x3B;&#22242&#x3B;&#32929&#x3B;&#20221&#x3B;&#26377&#x3B;&#38480&#x3B;&#20844&#x3B;&#21496&#x3B;), is a Chinese electronic components producer founded in April 1993. Its core businesses are interface devices, smart IoT systems and smart medicine and engineering integration.BOE is one of the world's largest manufacturers of LCD, OLEDs and flexible displays.

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