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Customer Operations Department - Product Operations - Intelligent Robot

Taotian Group


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1. Responsible for the product operation of Xiaomi, the official customer service robot store of Taotian Group. Based on the insight into the pain points of customers in the bc link of e-commerce, ultimately responsible for the efficiency and effectiveness of merchant reception, as well as the consumer consulting experience. 2. Data analysis and insight: Based on the understanding of e-commerce business and intelligent service reception, skillfully use a variety of analysis means and methods (such as data analysis and mining means, information collection & analysis, industry research, competition analysis, etc.) to locate core problems and opportunities, and explore solutions 3. Operation strategy planning: Based on the results of data analysis and business insights, design and implement operation strategies to provide support for the product capability building/optimization of robots in pre-sales and after-sales scenarios 4. Data monitoring system construction: Responsible for establishing and improving the data monitoring system to ensure real-time monitoring of key operation indicators, and timely discover and solve problems in operations 5. Continuous learning and innovation: In-depth analysis of the development dynamics of big models and Agents, combined with the actual implementation effects of big models, to carry out operational planning of product capabilities, propose phased operational requirements and follow up on the achievement of operational results. 1. More than 3 years of work experience, strong data processing and analysis capabilities, can use a variety of methods to extract data and analyze, proficient in SQL, Excel and other related data extraction tools 2. Possess product operation capabilities, clear analysis logic and good business insight, can quickly discover problems, disassemble problems and locate the key points that affect the business, and use data-based means to judge and provide support for product optimization strategies 3. Priority is given to those with experience in product operations such as intelligent customer service and intelligent recommendation 4. Understand platform traffic, channels, commercialization mechanisms and trends, and have strong merchant/product operation and traction capabilities 5. Good communication skills and teamwork skills, can effectively communicate with production and research teams, data teams, etc., and have the ability to promote projects across teams
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