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5-7 years
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Job Description

    < li>Job type: Full-time
  • Working location: Haidian District
  • Education: Bachelor's degree and Above
  • Release time: 2023-11-21
  • Number of recruits: 2
    • Job responsibilities:

    • 1. Responsible for platform content operation and control of platform content tonality. Create a music platform with unique content and style.
      2. Responsible for the management and control of all aspects of content introduction, production and distribution, to enhance user consumption stickiness and form a content brand.
      3. Continuously optimize the music library and tag system to help the product continuously optimize the content recommendation effect.
      4. Build and manage a new media matrix and formulate targeted content and strategies for different platforms. Continuously expand influence.
      5. Expand new types of content, including but not limited to live broadcasts, courses, etc. Build Dynaudio's innovative content brand

    • Job requirements:

    • 1. Bachelor degree or above, music-related majors are preferred. More than 5 years of content operation experience.
      2. Have professional and comprehensive music theory and record reserves. Has a good feel for audio and video content. Applicants with music + video business experience will be given priority. Applicants with record company copyrighted music production experience will be given priority.
      3. Have strong creative and planning abilities, lively and sharp thinking, have a macro awareness of the project, and have their own unique thinking from planning/production/marketing/commercialization. Outstanding copywriting skills and marketing thinking.
      4. Have experience in content distribution, be an active content experimenter, browse various types of content extensively, and have methodologies for major new media platforms.
      5. Have sufficient initiative and innovative spirit, keen insight and learning ability, and dare to explore and conceive innovative and feasible content models. Entrepreneurial and results-oriented.
      6. Have excellent content security awareness, positive thinking, and positive values

    • Warm reminder:

    • Resumes can only be submitted Once, please select the position you are interested in. After successful application, your selection will be used as a reference for the allocation department.




    content operation
    marketing thinking
    content distribution
    content security awareness
    audio and video content
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