Circuit Development Job (J33988)

5-7 years
2 months ago
Job Description

Job Responsibilities
1. Responsible for technical risk assessment of new business and new platforms such as smart office books, electronic homework books, student ID cards with call functions, etc., and connect experts in various technical fields , output risk point countermeasures and verification plans
2. Responsible for risk management and control of the new platform development process, location analysis and resolution of difficult problems, such as performance, power consumption, stability, chip defects, etc.
3. Responsible for Summary and review of project platform development, refining key issues to promote improvement or form technical pre-research projects
4. Responsible for the development and design of motherboard circuits for reader/RLCD/student ID and other products, and problem solving
5 , Responsible for OEM/ODMEPD module development, problem analysis, and customer sample delivery.
Education: Bachelor's degree
Work experience:
More than 5 years of relevant design experience, including smartphones, tablets, office laptops, and computers Candidates with paper book development experience will be given priority.

Required major: Electrical
Other requirements:
Language requirement: College English Band 4




smart office books
customer sample delivery
project platform development
student ID cards
chip defects
location analysis
reader/RLCD/student ID cards
refining key issues
electronic homework books
technical risk assessment
OEM/ODMEPD module development
motherboard circuits
Job Source:

BOE Technology Group Co., Ltd., or Jingdongfang (Chinese: &#20140&#x3B;&#19996&#x3B;&#26041&#x3B;&#31185&#x3B;&#25216&#x3B;&#38598&#x3B;&#22242&#x3B;&#32929&#x3B;&#20221&#x3B;&#26377&#x3B;&#38480&#x3B;&#20844&#x3B;&#21496&#x3B;), is a Chinese electronic components producer founded in April 1993. Its core businesses are interface devices, smart IoT systems and smart medicine and engineering integration.BOE is one of the world's largest manufacturers of LCD, OLEDs and flexible displays.