China Cosmetics Quality Responsible Leader

5-8 years
7 days ago
Job Description

(I) Establish and organize the implementation of the quality management system of the enterprise, fulfill the responsibility of quality and safety management, and regularly report the operation of the quality management system to the legal representative
(2) Making decisions on product quality and safety issues and issuing relevant documents
(3) To examine the registration and archival materials of cosmetics
(4) Audit and management of material suppliers and material release when the entrusting party purchases and provides materials
(5) Release of the product on the market
(6) Selection of entrusted production enterprises and supervision and administration of production activities
(7) Monitoring and management of adverse reactions of cosmetics
Additional responsibilities:

  • Leads the quality management review to ensure Quality Management System is implemented appropriately, gaps escalated with leadership and interventions kicked off to address gaps
  • Accountable for designing and implementing systems to enable over-all QA capability including the appropriate internal assessments to sustain capability.
  • Lead implementation of appropriate systems in support of the KC Quality Management System (CaPa, QNC, complaints, change management, document control, supplier quality management, training, design control, risk management, calibration, maintenance, validation-process, computer, test method, process control, labeling control, ) to address vulnerabilities while working on plans to enable quality as a source of growth
  • Implement applicable KC standards and work processes that are applicable to the site.
  • Can coach and lead investigations related to quality issues.
  • Able to host and lead external inspections and corresponding action planning
  • Performs the process ownership role including communication protocol initiation for issue resolution of issues involving the site that could impact in market action
  • Performs the process ownership role during issue and crisis management of the site as appropriate. As part of this he/she leads the execution and follows up on communication of product holds and in-market actions that could impact service and availability
  • Provides inputs to initiative readiness as part of the readiness review

Provides review or approval on relevant work processes which require input
They should have professional knowledge in cosmetics, chemistry, chemical engineering, biology, medicine, pharmacy, food, public health or law, be familiar with relevant laws and regulations, mandatory national standards and technical specifications, and have more than 5 years of experience in cosmetics production or quality management
In view of the fact that the principles of production or quality safety management of health-related products such as drugs, medical devices and special food are basically consistent with those of cosmetic production or quality safety management, in accordance with the original intent of regulations and legislation and the actual supervision, the responsible person of cosmetic quality safety, on the premise of having professional knowledge related to cosmetic quality and safety, Experience in the production or quality management of drugs, medical devices and special food can be regarded as experience in the production or quality and safety management of cosmetics. Among them, special food refers to health food, formula food for special medical purposes and infant formula food.

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