Business Technology-Terminal Test Development Engineer-Hangzhou

2-3 years
11 days ago
Job Description

1. Have strong complex business analysis capabilities, risk assessment and response capabilities, and be able to participate in the transformation and upgrading of mobile terminal architecture, solve testability issues and ensure system stability 2. Comprehensively grasp the functional and non-functional requirements of the product, and design Effective testing strategies Provide effective functional test designs and use cases, and develop automation tools to effectively improve testing efficiency 3. Gain insight into improvement points in the business, conduct continuous improvements, and flexibly innovate quality assurance tools and platforms needed for development work. 4. Follow the cutting-edge trends in the industry, plan, design and develop the mobile terminal test platform to improve the overall testing efficiency and quality of the mobile terminal. 5. Participate in Taobao client version release work, follow up on various horizontal management projects on the mobile terminal, and ensure the quality of version releases and high-quality project implementation. , 1. Computer-related majors, good professional foundation (data structure, algorithm, programming language, database, etc.) have a deep understanding of software engineering theory and practice 2. Have extensive software testing analysis and business support for medium and large complex systems experience, and can be close to the business and carry out effective solution integration 3. Have the ability to pre-research, model selection, design and development, and unified planning of test technology. Applicants with experience in the design and development of automated testing tools or test systems are preferred 4. Have Android/ Background in iOS client and front-end, proficient in mobile performance testing, automated testing, stability testing, and one of the white box testing fields experience in mobile performance, automation, single test tool development, SDK quality assurance, AI algorithm, game/ Priority will be given to students with AR/VR/3D related knowledge 5. Strong logical ability, active thinking, strong ability to accept new things good at thinking, able to analyze and solve problems independently 6. Strong sense of responsibility, proactive, good at communication, good Teamwork skills, certain project management capabilities, and strong implementation ability.




Use Cases
functional test designs
horizontal management projects
AI algorithm
SDK quality assurance
quality assurance tools
version releases
continuous improvements
cutting-edge trends
mobile terminal test platform
mobile performance
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