Business Technology-Terminal Development Engineer- Cross-end technology-urgent recruitment

1-3 years
14 days ago
Job Description

1. Technology responsible for the mobile client cross-end framework Design and R&D work 2. Responsible for the performance experience optimization and capacity building of the mobile client cross-end container 3. Responsible for the core in-depth construction and technological breakthroughs of the mobile client cross-end engine 4. Undertake special technical projects and support business research and development, Solve difficult technical problems with the engine. , 1. Proficient in one of the Android/iOS/C++ technology stacks, front-end cross-stack development experience is preferred 2. Familiar with common cross-end technology solutions in the industry, such as Weex, Flutter, mini programs, ArkUI, etc., with front-end cross-stack development experience Development experience is preferred 3. Bachelor degree or above, more than 1 year of experience in Android or iOS or C++ client development, familiar with Java/Kotlin, Swift/OC, C/C++ 4. In technology selection, architecture design, Have practical engineering experience in the fields of performance optimization, monitoring and operation and maintenance 5. Have technical pursuits and professional research capabilities, have a sense of responsibility and a spirit of cooperation 6. Candidates with experience in browser kernel development engineering will be given priority.




browser kernel development engineering
mini programs
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