Business Technology-JAVA Senior Development Engineer -Hangzhou

3-5 years
11 days ago
Job Description

1. Responsible for cat supermarket & fresh food products, marketing, price Responsible for the development and architecture of related business products, and responsible for the development and technical architecture of docking with multi-dimensional partners 2. Participate in project design plan review, project management and technical difficulties 3. In-depth understanding of business, focusing on business development, Product planning and other technical planning, and can reversely drive the implementation and development of the business 4. Lead the group of students to complete the product technology goals in their area of responsibility, and lead the team to grow together. , 1. More than 3 years of J2EE development experience, solid programming foundation, proficient in Java development language, and proficient in core technologies such as JVM, WEB development, caching, and message middleware 2. Have good business modeling capabilities and be able to combine business scenarios Abstract business model Priority will be given to students who have experience in the marketing business field, and students who have experience in brand business will be given priority 3. Have certain experience in business data analysis, and be able to combine data to guide each stage of product technology in actual work Key directions 4. Have good structured thinking, clear communication and expression, and be good at solving complex problems at work 5. Have enthusiasm for technology, continue to learn new technologies, and constantly promote technological innovation 6. Have excellent teamwork spirit, able to coach team members and drive everyone to grow together 7. Students who understand the e-commerce technology system, have a broad technical vision, and have business thinking skills will be given priority.




business data analysis
message middleware
business thinking
e-commerce technology system
structured thinking
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