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Taotian Group


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1. Responsible for the development of the front-end of Taobao Mobile, including but not limited to business scenarios such as marketing guides, game interactions, and basic links, and committed to improving the user experience of the product 2. Work closely with back-end and testing students to ensure that various requirements are completed on time and with quality 3. Continuously optimize technical solutions and engineering practices to improve R&D efficiency and product quality. ,1. Bachelor degree or above, 13 years of front-end development experience, with a solid front-end foundation and the ability to develop independent projects 2. Familiar with the mainstream front-end technology stack, familiar with at least one front-end framework (React, Vue), those with React development experience are preferred 3. Familiar with various means of front-end performance optimization, with experience in complex scenario performance tuning, and able to build high-performance front-end applications 4. Sensitive to business data, pay attention to user experience, can actively discover product problems and put forward improvement suggestions or solutions 5. Have good communication and summarization skills, work progress management and control capabilities, and teamwork capabilities 6. Be curious and love to study technology. Understand the dynamics of the front-end technology field and be able to keep up, and always have a certain enthusiasm for technology.
Last Updated: 21-07-2024 06:18:58 AM
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