Business Technology-Client Engineer/Senior Client Engineer-iOS/Android-Emergency

3-5 years
11 days ago
Job Description

1. Responsible for the research and development of mobile Taobao iOS/Android terminals 2. Responsible for the improvement and performance optimization of native module engineering architecture 3 , Responsible for the design and R&D of the client-side R&D tool chain 4. Responsible for the learning, research and application of new technologies 5. Participate in product design and improvement 1. Have good programming habits, design a good code structure, and continuously iterate Refactoring 2. More than three years of iOS/Android development experience, in-depth understanding of Android underlying technology, full attention to technology and user experience, and pursuit of ultimate performance 3. Have a deep understanding of software development and be able to produce better results Design 4. Excellent communication and expression skills, with certain product and business awareness 5. Candidates who can quickly learn new knowledge and apply it to products are preferred, and have good stress resistance




iOS/Android development
stress resistance
client-side R&D tool chain
native module engineering architecture
product and business awareness
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