Brand Business Development Center-To B Product Operation-Hangzhou/Shanghai

0-2 years
9 days ago
Job Description

1. Have consulting background, have the ability to design and build scenario solutions, and be able to apply data product tools to business scenario solutions Interpret in the form of data 2. Have experience in market communication and can promote and operate solutions in the form of IP to help merchants better understand the use of data products 3. Have product operation capabilities and can formulate merchant-oriented solutions for merchant data products. Operate plans and conduct merchant promotion to achieve the scale target of merchant product operations 4. If you have better business data analysis and report visualization capabilities, you can undertake different internal and external merchant types based on business analysis, crowd analysis, product analysis, and content analysis. Wait for data needs, conduct in-depth data research cooperation with merchant lines and ecological lines, and have the ability to precipitate daily data analysis needs into data product tools for merchants. 1. Have consulting experience and have a certain understanding of 2B merchant products. With good understanding, you can design or provide a full set of merchant data product solutions related to e-commerce operations for brands 2. Have experience in market communication, be able to package the solution and disseminate it loudly in the market 3. Have excellent skills Good communication, coordination and expression skills, able to communicate and collaborate across teams, and able to quickly adapt to and embrace changes 4. Have a certain product operation sense, be able to formulate product operation and promotion plans, have clear logic, sense of responsibility, and strong learning ability




product operation
product operation sense
report visualization
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