Brand Business Development Center-New Business Strategic Operations - Merchant Growth Team

2-4 years
7 days ago
Job Description

1. Collaborate with various industries on Tmall to form a reasonable Investment promotion goals and strategies, and regular reviews and adjustments with various industries to ensure the effectiveness of investment promotion strategies. 2. Responsible for the monitoring and analysis of internal and external data related to new merchants, as well as the management and operation of corporate intelligence information. 3. Responsible for the policy operation related to merchant tariffs (such as commissions, deposits, etc.) and the budget application and management of tariff-related incentive policies. ,1. Bachelor degree or above, with more than 2 years of work experience. 2. Applicants with relevant work experience in corporate sales department/e-commerce department, e-commerce platform merchant operation/investment operation, e-commerce service provider, or consulting company/market research company will be given priority. 3. Have good cross-team communication and coordination skills, and be able to flexibly handle various complex business relationships. 4. Strong data analysis and logic skills, and keen insight into business opportunities. If you have basic skills in data operations such as SQL, it will be a plus. 5. Have strong self-motivation and good learning ability, have a positive and optimistic attitude, actively face difficulties and have the courage to challenge.

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