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3-5 years
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job description

Hema Xiansheng, you deserve it: A brand-new business format: Hema is truly based on Internet thinking, seizing the essence of retail, to create a new retail format. Potential returns: The business is now in the start-up stage, and the future prospects and returns are immeasurable, allowing you to There is an opportunity to create another Tmall diversified team: there are five-star chefs, retail elites, and logistics experts, allowing you to experience the atmosphere of innovative business and the rhythm of challenging work: from the source to the hands of consumers, opening stores, purchasing, All sales and distribution links are self-operated, and all links are self-controlled, truly forming a closed business loop, allowing you to truly contact the full commercial link Hema Fresh Store Manager position (Xi'an) is available: Lead and motivate the entire team, implement the company's policies and Establish reliable and effective daily operations lead and control known and unknown losses in the store formulate company operating standards and various seasonal work requirements according to company requirements to determine and implement formulate and control store manpower, shift scheduling, Overtime, headcount, maximize labor costs and improve personnel productivity track and implement store-related expenses (administration, materials, energy, water and electricity, communication expenses) formulate, implement and track the sales department's budget effectively connect stores Cooperation between various functional departments and related parallel departments According to the development of the company, collaborate with the store and purchasing departments to improve the product structure Lead and control the store operation department according to the needs of the company, sell appropriate products, reasonable structure and high-quality products products to improve the company's reputation Responsible for implementing competitors market changes and timely feedback information to the marketing department Establishing clear KPI indicators to ensure that the company's required performance gross profit and turnover indicators are achieved, and continuously providing accurate financial data to the company < h3>Job Requirements
(1) Excellent managers have worked as store managers of large stores in the retail field for more than 3 years, managed a diverse team of hundreds of people, controlled multiple product categories, and have specialized talents Echelon building, assessment system formulation, long-term talent training and incentive policy implementation and innovation promote open, fair, democratic, scientific and humane management methods, strong execution, and the ability to implement quickly (2) The practice of customer first Travelers will put customers first The concept is embedded in the DNA, and there are ACTIONs that have been successfully implemented and practiced. Dare to take responsibility, owner consciousness (3) Smart business people maintain operating figures and indicators such as square footage efficiency-human efficiency-gross profit-loss-cost control-customer satisfaction Highly sensitive and flexible business acumen & keen business sense (4) Curious and eager to learn, with an empty cup mentality (not conservative, not solidified) Internet thinking system experts needless trial and error, and have the courage to innovate

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