Biotechnology Project Manager (2024 Fall Campus Recruitment)

0-2 years
9 days ago
Job Description

1. Responsible for the phenotypic, metabolic, transcriptional, genetic and other crop omics research of biostimulants and special fertilizer products, and establishing relevant evaluation models 2. Responsible for the research of biostimulants on soil microecology, and clarify their impact on soil health. Mechanism of action 3. Assist in the development of biostimulant-related products 4. Communicate with domestic and foreign experts and actively introduce advanced technologies 5. Complete other related work arranged by the company. 1. Doctoral degree, those with overseas study or postdoctoral background are preferred. Proficient in the theories, methods and applications related to plant molecular biology, genomics, and metabolomics, and have relevant work experience in genomic analysis, metabolite regulation, etc. 2. Molecular biology, bioinformatics and other related majors solid theoretical knowledge , be rigorous in work, truth-seeking and pragmatic, and have good learning, innovation and collaboration abilities 3. Have strong copywriting skills, strong English literature retrieval and reading skills, and high-level article writing skills.




soil microecology
English literature retrieval
soil health
genomic analysis
metabolite regulation
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