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Alimama-Java R&D Engineer-Beijing

Taotian Group


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4-6 Years
20 days ago
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Job Description

1. Responsible for the technical research and development and technical planning of Alimama's advertising system, and support the rapid development of Alimama's performance advertising business 2. Participate in the design and development of Alimama's new advertising system, and create a new middle-office facility and basic capabilities for the performance advertising business 3. Plan the system in charge, and continuously optimize and upgrade it in combination with the project to improve performance, stability and scalability. 4. Combined with the development of advertising business, conduct business analysis and project pre-research with product operations, and empower business development through technological innovation. 1. More than 4 years of Java R&D experience, good at business system architecture design, and good project coordination and promotion capabilities. 2. Have a solid Java foundation, proficient in the use of JDK in collections, IO, concurrency, threads, reflection, class systems, etc., and proficient in JVM tuning. 3. Familiar with common Java open source frameworks such as Spring/MyBatis/Tomcat/Dubbo, and have a good understanding of their operating principles. 4. Proficient in database design (Mysql is preferred), excellent SQL writing and tuning capabilities, familiar with common NoSQL storage, such as Hbase, memcached, redis, etc. 5. Have experience in architecture design, R&D and operation of large-scale high-concurrency Internet applications, familiar with conventional distributed architecture, familiar with open source middleware such as cache and message queues. 6. Have curiosity and willingness to grow, good communication skills, clear thinking, good at thinking, and can analyze and solve problems independently. 7. Have a strong sense of responsibility and teamwork spirit, good stress resistance, positive attitude, and can actively integrate into the team

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