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Ali Health - Pharmaceutical Underwriting Operations - Hangzhou

Ali Health


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1. More than 2 years of e-commerce operation experience, college degree or above more than 1 year of big health operation experience is preferred 2. Familiar with the daily operation of Tmall Alimama channel, familiar with Tmall marketing and activities have practical experience in Alimama backend 3. Have strong logical induction and data analysis skills, and have good product thinking 4. Have a strong sense of necessity and strong execution and implementation ability strong pressure-bearing ability and actively embrace change good at thinking, with fast learning ability and good sense of cooperation 5. Those with experience in promoting hot-selling single products are preferred. , Overall sales competition strategy, financial target strategy, responsible for the GMV gross profit of the business segment, flow conversion analysis, product structure analysis, supply and demand analysis, product promotion activity planning, etc. around the self-operated business to maximize business benefits and minimize risks, enhance the differentiated advantages of single products in the business, and maximize the GMV scale profit of the business target. 1. Responsible for the basic operation of Tmall store products (title keyword flow, main picture description, pricing system, material maintenance management, etc.), on-site marketing activities declaration + promotion, improve product click-through rate, page views and conversion rate, increase traffic, reduce costs, and achieve sales goals. 2. Proficient in Taobao system Alimama channel direct train/Vanxiang TV/Taobao customer and other on-site marketing and promotion methods, optimize direct train keywords/bids/creative quality, etc. to improve the quality of single products and reasonable bidding rankings, match accurate groups to maximize the overall ROI benefits. 3. Able to determine product positioning based on the characteristics of consumers and products, and formulate different product operation plans. 4. Monitor and provide marketing data, transaction data, and competitive product conditions on a daily basis, make suggestions based on actual conditions, and adjust product operation strategies: 5. Assist in formulating promotion plans, connecting brands and channels, integrating resources, and doing a good job in daily brand and channel management.

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