Ali Health-Merchant Product Operations Expert-Production and Research Center

3-5 years
10 days ago
Job Description

1. Bachelor degree or above, more than 3 years of product operation experience in the e-commerce industry or product management/retail experience in the pharmaceutical industry, preference will be given to those with both 2. Have a product library Construction or operation experience, and certain product knowledge in the pharmaceutical industry 3. Clear logic, strong data analysis and data mining capabilities, preference will be given to those who are familiar with SQL or related analysis tools 4. Have a strong sense of responsibility, learning ability, and self-control Drive and good team coordination and communication skills, 1. Participate in the construction and operation of the category system and product basic data system of the pharmaceutical e-commerce industry 2. Responsible for handling matters related to product release by merchants in the medical e-commerce industry, optimizing the product release process, and improving products Publishing efficiency, accuracy and merchant publishing experience 3. Responsible for following up the C-side application of product basic data, continuously promoting the improvement of product data quality, and operating product basic data to bring benefits to consumers and merchants 4. To the pharmaceutical e-commerce industry Conduct systematic analysis and mining of product attributes and decision-making factors to provide consumers with decision-making basis for product purchases and continue to promote the coverage of effective decision-making data



product operation
product library construction
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