AIGC Content Security Advanced Products Operation

11 days ago
Job Description

Roles & Responsibilities

1. This position can base Beijing/Shanghai/Shenzhen, giving priority to Shenzhen
2. Responsible for the operation of content security products, including but not limited to the operation of core customers, product demand collection and feedback, customer satisfaction insights, etc., proactively promote problem resolution, Work with upstream and downstream teams to improve product capabilities
3. Develop product operation plans in the face of new AI technologies, new industry trends and other scenarios to help achieve customer business success
4. Collaborate with business, pre-sales, Product, R&D, and algorithm teams manage the customer life cycle and complete key commercialization goals.


More than 1.5 years of experience in the AI/risk control industry, and experience in content security
2. Have strong interpersonal sensitivity and be good at handling customer relationships and influences < br/>3. Have strong business understanding, data analysis and operational analysis capabilities, and have good project management capabilities
4. Have an overall view, a positive attitude, the courage to take responsibility, good communication and collaboration skills, and relatively Strong ability to withstand stress
5. Have a certain technical background and understand the ecology related to cloud computing.


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