3A Game IP Mobile Game -Senior level planner

5-7 years
15 days ago
Job Description

Roles & Responsibilities

1. Responsible for the design and production of PVE, PVP, big world and other levels in the game
2. Use 2D drawing software to design levels, and use 3D engines to build level white models
3. Responsible for writing design documents related to level mechanisms. And follow up the implementation, during the process, follow up the implementation of the required program, art, planning and related resource support
4. Responsible for the design of all elements of the game level content, including the shaping of the situation and atmosphere, the creation of gameplay prototypes and production with logic Implementation and finished product control
5. Pay attention to relevant statistical data, and fine-tune iterative level design based on experience feedback, data statistics, survey questionnaires, forum comments and other feedback sources
6. Be responsible for the final experience of the level. , the level must meet the design purpose and positioning requirements, and the rhythm, intensity, duration, playability and other aspects of experience and data meet the established expectations
7. Ensure that the target users final performance evaluation of the level reaches the level of satisfaction of similar first-class products .


1. Have more than 5 years of experience in shooting game level planning, and have in-depth experience in using UE4 to create PVE shooting game levels, enemy encounter design, and BOSS design
2. Those who are familiar with the design rules of PVE shooting games and have experience in 3A single-player shooting games are preferred
3. Have a lot of in-depth experience in PVE shooting games, love shooting games, and have a high pursuit of experience and quality improvement
4. Have strong sensitivity to worldview rules, be able to quickly understand the worldview, and be able to abide by and highlight the core values of the worldview in level design
5. Have strong learning and adaptability, and have online game knowledge and technical common sense
6. Strong English proficiency, able to conduct daily communication and written communication in English, and review documents are preferred.




shooting game level planning
3A single-player shooting games
PVE shooting games
worldview rules
online game knowledge

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