2024 Campus- Facility Engineer/ Planner

0-2 years
11 days ago
Job Description

Job Description:

The position is responsible for High voltage 35KV and 110KV power station management including regular maintenance schedule edition, Testing, trouble shooting , safety management and national regulation compliance. facility database management, electrical hookup management and SR system maintenance. power distribution design.

Job Qualification:

1. Bachelor degree or above, major in industrial automation, Electrical related.
2. New Graduate.
3. Fluent in English, both writing and speaking, CET4 at least.
4. Master Microsoft office applications.
5. Independent problem-solving, organization, interpersonal and communication skills.
6. Good ability to learn new knowledge.
7. Self-motivated and teamwork spirit.




SR system maintenance
electrical hookup management
national regulation compliance
maintenance schedule edition
power distribution design
teamwork spirit
facility database management
learn new knowledge
power station management

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