1688 Technology Department-Data R&D-Hangzhou

2-4 years
5 days ago
Job Description

1. Responsible for the planning and construction of the core business domain data system, and efficiently support the data needs of business scenarios through data products and data services. 2. In-depth understanding of the business, and through the analysis of business strategies and pain points, formulate systematic end-to-end data solutions Plan and implement 3. Responsible for data asset construction, data quality and stability management, and building a shared and integrated data platform to make data standards more standardized and data acquisition more efficient. Job requirements: 1. Have experience in the data warehouse field and be familiar with data warehouses Model design & ETL, experience in massive data processing, experience in data construction in the e-commerce field is preferred 2. Familiar with big data technology, including but not limited to: data mart design, flow data calculation, data management, data quality, data services etc. 3. Sensitive to data, with good business understanding, data analysis and solution capabilities, and strong enthusiasm for applying data technology to actual business scenarios to generate commercial value. 4. Have good self-motivation and pressure resistance, Good communication skills and teamwork spirit, with certain organizational and coordination skills 5. Familiar with Hadoop ecological related technologies, with certain JAVA, Python language development capabilities, machine learning algorithms, unstructured processing, knowledge graph and other abilities will be given priority< /div>



Job Source: talent.taotian.com

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