1688 Division-Supply Chain Planning Products - supply chain products

10 days ago
Job Description

1. Improve overall supply chain efficiency and planning accuracy, Responsible for product connection and plan implementation tracking with the full-link supply chain, covering product design in sales forecasting, intelligent replenishment, inventory health, supplier collaboration, logistics collaboration, etc. 2. By improving the overall operational efficiency of the supply chain (including (but not limited to forecasting, planning, stocking, distribution, after-sales and other nodes), promote the reasonable layout of goods in the national sales area and healthy inventory turnover 3. Responsible for collaborating with algorithm engineers to use data mining, learning and other related algorithms, and continue to optimize Relevant models to solve business pain points and problems more than 1.5 years of experience as a product manager in the planning domain, with excellent problem-solving skills, structured analysis, and logical thinking skills 2. Excellent language, communication, organization and coordination skills, and good logic Have a strong sense of responsibility and strong self-motivation, and be good at cooperating, coordinating and scheduling resources to drive business changes and development.



Job Source: talent.taotian.com

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