1688 Division- Senior Development Engineer - Advertising Traffic and New Business Opportunities

2-4 years
10 days ago
Job Description

1. Responsible for 1688 off-site advertising project Link building. Mainly includes the design and development of engineering links such as traffic procurement, distribution and marketing undertaking 2. Iterating and upgrading existing product functions based on customer demand trends and technologies 3. Future-oriented system planning to ensure system availability and stability , and scalability, ensuring platform revenue and customer effects in a large-scale, verifiable, and sustainable way. 1. More than 2 years of Java development experience, concurrent programming experience, familiar with file I/O, network I/O and classes Mechanism details such as loading 3. Familiar with the basic knowledge of JVM, and have certain experience in tuning and troubleshooting memory and thread-related problems 3. Understand technologies such as relational databases, message queues, distributed caches, etc., and be able to flexibly apply them for distributed system design , applicants with background in search engines, recommendation systems, advertising retrieval systems, and advertising commercial product projects are preferred 4. Have technical enthusiasm and strong learning ability, have strong curiosity about new technologies, and have good problem analysis and technical research Ability, with good teamwork skills, communication skills, and pressure resistance 5. Applicants who are familiar with the Linux kernel are preferred, and those who have experience in middleware development such as message middleware, RPC, data layer middleware, storage, etc. are preferred, and those who have experience in performance optimization are preferred Priority will be given




advertising retrieval systems
distributed caches
network I/O
file I/O
message queues
recommendation systems
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