1688 Division - Business HR Expert -Hangzhou

7-9 years
7 days ago
Job Description

1. Understand the strategy of the business department, conduct organizational diagnosis of the business, and provide Provide advice, planning and participate in the implementation of business department strategies 2. Provide human resources support for organizational development, conduct regular organizational inventory, and provide effective solutions to business departments in terms of recruitment, training, performance appraisal, salary, employee relations, etc. and implement 3. Promote company-level changes within the business department, be responsible for improving the business department's human resources systems, processes, and systems improve the efficiency of human resources operations 4. Inherit the company culture, promote values, build communication channels, and ensure the organization's Continuous and healthy growth 5. Actively conduct various forms of contact and effective communication with business unit management, front-line supervisors and employees to ensure the effective transmission of information between different levels 1. More than 7 years of human resources work experience, with Internet experience Priority will be given to HRBP/HRM experience in the company or sales team 2. Familiar with the human resources process system relevant experience in organizational upgrade business and organizational design, and personnel development is preferred. 3. Have strong logical thinking ability, learning ability, and stress resistance 4. Be proactive, outgoing, good at communication, good coordination skills, and have a strong sense of responsibility.

Job Source: talent.taotian.com

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