1688 Division-Algorithm Engineer- Search/Recommendation/Machine Learning/NLP

0-2 years
5 days ago
Job Description

1. Responsible for the fields of machine learning and deep learning Research on cutting-edge core algorithms, search and recommendation implementation in 1688 featured scenarios (finding factories, industrial products) 2. Responsible for the research and development of KG technologies such as knowledge graphs and graph representation learning, and building a knowledge system in the specialized field of specialty pallets 3. Responsible for Explore new AIGC technologies such as GPT and promote the implementation of relevant applications 4. Responsible for application research of innovative technologies (such as 3D, digital humans, etc.), gradually optimize and promote implementation on the business side, and improve user experience and conversion 5. Go deep into business and understand Data, explore opportunities from the user's perspective, and enable efficient business operations. , 1. Candidates majoring in computer, electronic information, automation, artificial intelligence, applied mathematics and other related majors are preferred 2. Candidates with rich research experience in machine learning, deep learning, knowledge graph, AIGC, etc. are preferred 3. Familiar with the basic theory of deep learning, Familiar with programming/script prophecy: Python, Java, C/C++, proficient in using PyTorch, TensorFlow and other frameworks 4. Priority will be given to those who have published papers at top conferences, experienced in participating in international competitions, and are major contributors to outstanding open source projects.





knowledge graphs
graph representation learning
digital humans
KG technologies
Job Source: talent.taotian.com

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