1688 Business Unit - Pricing and Settlement Products - Supply Chain Products

5-7 years
10 days ago
Job Description

1. Combined with the 1688 hosting business model, responsible for merchant cost price management, purchase price management, sales price and marketing management, warehouse distribution and other value-added service costs , formulate and design a reasonable pricing product matrix and rule system, and provide complete product capabilities and audit models for merchants, warehouse distribution, and internal procurement and sales operations 2. Based on different performance methods and business demands, conduct product capabilities on merchant settlement capabilities Construction 3. Combined with different categories, industries and business demands, continuously polish and optimize pricing products and settlement product systems, monitor and adjust pricing models and be responsible for the overall gross profit margin 1. Have more than 5 years of experience in transactions, fund payments, and settlement related Product work experience those with financial and tax-related qualifications and backgrounds are preferred 2. Have certain knowledge or background in 3C digital, daily necessities, clothing accessories and other industries, and have mature methodology and understanding of industrial company business models, raw material costs and market sales pricing. Case experience 3. Cross-department communication, synergy and strong driving force sensitive to data, good at business analysis, strong data processing capabilities and product operation capabilities




Job Source: talent.taotian.com

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