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Employment Tips for Senior Professionals

Employment tips for senior professionals

Singapore’s rising average age and decreasing birthrate are contributing to an overall fall in young workforce. It’s only a matter of time before more people above the age of 40 become applicants of new positions. But most of you, with 20-odd years under your belt, may approach the prospect of a new job cautiously.
40 is an age when many professionals resort to entrepreneurial ventures. But for some of you, that may not be an option. Perhaps you just want to settle into the final leg of your work life before retiring. For those ready to take the plunge, we have highlighted a few points that can help you make the transition with ease:
Fear of change is one thing, fear that you’re not good enough is quite another. Fear is irrational, and so it’s best to replace the feeling rather than trying to conquer it. Positive affirmations help. Your experience and the resultant maturity and patience are your key differentiators. Believe in yourself and forge ahead. 

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Learning is a lifelong process. Those who feel they’re above learning naturally stagnate. Whether it is technology or new media, staying abreast of what’s new out there is key to growing your own repertoire, and therefore, employability. Ask your juniors (whether in age or designation) to help you understand, learn and apply your new learnings effectively. 

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New age corporate culture incorporates empathy alongside compassion. More and more leaders understand that these two values directly impact productivity, employee loyalty, and ultimately work satisfaction at all levels. As a senior resource, it is vital that you align yourself to the broader culture of your organisation. It is also important, however, to appear as fit as your attitude at the workplace. A little sprucing up might just work the charm. 
If you’re in your 40s, you have most likely built a formidable circle of work acquaintances. This is a great time to reach out to them and seek advice or just straight up help. LinkedIn is a social manifestation of just this principle. You can get introduced, recommended and applauded for your work, and even eventually pay the favour forward by being as approachable to others down the line. 

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Where the fresh approach and energy of younger colleagues may give you an inferiority complex, you must remember that as a professional in her or his 40s, your greatest advantage is experience. That means you’ve developed a thick skin, a ton of patience, and the ability to understand things more clearly and faster than any of them younglings. You have a right to demand the money you deserve out of the sheer fact that when the going gets tough, the seasoned get going! 
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