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5 steps to successfully switch jobs in the Philippines this year

5 steps to successfully change jobs in Philippines

According to a recent poll by Monster Philippines, 77% of local employees are not happy with their current job, and will be looking to jump ship this year. In fact, only 10% of people polled said they were happy and staying put, while 13% said they are in limbo and “don’t know”.

It looks like pretty good odds for a fair bit of job hopping in 2017!

If you’ve decided to change jobs this year, that’s one thing – but how are you actually going to go about it? These days competition is tough. The local employment market is strong, meaning there’s a lot of skilled talent out there looking for jobs. How can you ensure your job search isn’t in vain?

Here are a few steps to consider as you plan your exit from your current role.

  1. Focus on referrals
    Applying for a job cold – i.e. at a business where you don’t know anyone or have a foot in the door – can often work, but why not increase your chances? If you’ve got a friend, a former colleague, a former boss or a family member who works at a company you’re applying to, get them to put in a good word about you. Ask your friends and colleagues if they know someone who works at a business you’re applying to, meet with them, and aim to get them to refer you.

  2. Safeguard your resume
    Your CV is key to you getting an interview, so make sure it’s up to scratch. Read the job description carefully and ensure your resume includes certain keywords that match. Many companies use software that picks up these keywords to match their descriptions. Also ensure you updated your most recent successes, KPIs met and goals achieved. Focus on the skills you have perfected, and the ones you are learning. Every employer wants to see drive and the desire to learn.

  3. Show how you go the extra mile
    These days, it’s not enough to do the bare minimum and cover the key aspects of your job – you have to want more, do more, and achieve more. If you ever helped out on a project outside of your scope, talk about it. Did you assist in a pitch because of your great public speaking skills, even though it wasn’t your account? Talk about it! If you took the time to mentor a younger (or older) colleague, highlight it! These seemingly small aspects of your career can come across as a huge selling point when compiled together, and will position you as someone who goes above and beyond.

  4. Timing is everything
    Certain times of year are always better for finding a new job. Typically in the Philippines this is around January and February, so avoid March – a dip always follows a spike! After March, there is an influx of graduates on the job market following graduation, so keep this in mind. Over the summer period, a lot of hiring professionals may take leave – but your chances could still be good as activity slows down. Beware of things like weather disturbances and typhoon season towards the end of the year – the last thing you need is to get caught out by bad weather when you’re supposed to be at an interview! Also consider seasonal employment, too. December might be a great month for some jobs, but then things dry up, so think ahead.Beyond this, keep an ear to the news. It won’t do you any favours to apply to a job at a company that just announced 1,000 layoffs in the Philippines.
  5. Build your personal brand
    According to 2016 digital data, Filipinos spend the most amount of time on the internet, with an average of 5.2 hours per day. The people spending time online aren’t just younger Millennials – it’s your colleagues, your boss and even your boss’s boss. Building and maintaining a strong personal brand online has never been more important.

If a hiring manager were to Google you, what would come up? Facebook photos of you at a bunch of parties, or a couple of really well-written opinion articles related to your job or industry? Do you share news and engage in conversation about topics on social media that relate to your work? Are you saying positive things about your current job online, or making fun of it?

How you come across online matters, so make it a resolution to clean up your digital act ahead of a job search this year.


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